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LUSH isn't just a brand, its a movement. It focuses on bettering yourself FOR yourself. For me, "lift until something happens" has helped me stay disciplined and focused toward my goals. Not only is the merchandise bomb, but the people behind it are amazing, too! I'm so honored and blessed to be apart of the LUSH family! 


I love LUSH Lifestyle apparel because it is more than just a brand, its a movement. Lift Until Something Happens speaks to me on so many levels. I lift weights and maintain a healthy lifestyle because fitness was able to bring me out of depression, anxiety and self doubt. I remember constantly being motivated by the idea that I was further today than the day before, and I never looked back. LUSH Lifestyle is a brand that represents Lifting your way out of any situation, it could be through fitness, faith, or just having a positive mind set. A LUSH Lifestyle isn't about perfection, its about being better than the day before. That's why I chose LUSH apparel. 


LUSH Lifestyle has helped me achieve my goals of staying centered on my fitness and health journey. Lift Until Something Happens means to me lift your way into something great, and its not just about being psychically fit but being healthy and feeling good! The owners have set such a positive tone around LUSH Lifestyle and their apparel I will be a forever customer. 


Living A LUSH Lifestyle!

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